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FAA Advisory Circular 43-13 Aircraft Inspection &

Guest joe

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Good afternoon All,


Could anyone tell me if the above reference which is on sale from the


AUF shop for $28.60 to members, is still the benchmark reference of


sorts to be followed for the inspection & Repair of ultralights?


cheers, Joe (I see it is also downloadable - free - from the FAA site)



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If doing maintenance on GA's, CASA now want to see authorisation via


the manufacturers maintenance manual, or failing suffiscient


information from same, a Reg 35 Engineering Order to justify basically


any work done beyond a grease and oil change.This must then be


signed for by, the guy that did the work, his supervisor, the hanger


maintenance authority holder as well as being signed and approved by


the Reg 35 guy!What CASA doesn't know is that we all get our ideas from AC 43-13! A


one man band maintainer can usually do about 4 hours actual work a day,


the rest of the time is wasted trying to prove that he actually knew


what he was doing, trying to keep his inventory up to date (in case he gets inspected),


getting all his release certificates in order and trying to convince


his customers that it really does take 4 hours of 'work' time to change


eight spark plugs!!


And we wonder why GA is so expensive and dying?!!





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