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Which One??


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I am currently trying to decide which VHF radio to install in a planned Ultralight. I have had 3 recommended to me in the $1000 to $1500 range. Do the members have any experience and reports on the following:


- ICOM A200 flip flop VHF


- Microair 760 VHF




I believe that one or two have intercom capability. Will they handle 2 disimmilar headsets, (e.g DC 13.4s and one other brand)


Are there any others that are better in this price range that I need to know about, (intercom would mean a goog price saving in having it all in one unit)?







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I went for the Xcom as I wanted 57 mm dia, I felt that the inbuilt intercom was a good feature, as is the ability to plug in an Ipod.


I also liked the auto dimming of volume and the way that prioritises between music, intercom and radio.


The flip/flop frequancy feature is also good, I reckon.


Have you played with the demo unit on Xcom's website yet?


Hope this helps.


Geoff 3



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Take a look at Filser for panel mounting and if you have a lesser budget try the Icom ICA6 or Vertex Standard Pilot3, these both have the abilities to have power output turned down to about 1 watt. In SA they dont require radio station licences and work well.


Just a point some GA headsets dont work so well in Ultralights due to wind ingress and so on, unsure of your aerie but may require some investigation ??


Hope this helps a bit.


Send me a pm and I will forward some info..


Cheers Paul



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Love the Xcom


Hi Maynard


We went with the Xcom, and the radio has been brilliant. Very clear intercom, and nice transmit. Love the dual frequency watch too. LOTS of adjustments with it, to tweak it how you like, and I plug my iPod straight into it. It dims the music automatically whenever a receive signal comes in, so it doesn't interfere with what you hear.


We had months of problems initially, since I went with my own home-made wiring loom. In the end, after months of tearing my hair out tracking down RF interference, I ripped it all out, bought a proper custom loom from Xcom (which was very well made with tefzel wiring, AND cheap, at only $285), a whippy aerial from them (for $120), and the thing is now clear as a bell.


I was told it was advised not to make a loom. Now I know MUCH better. Never waste my time again, trying to save less than $300 cost me hundreds in wasted effort.


But the radio was excellent. For an extra $50, you can get a 3 year warranty, for peace of mind, too. Liked that idea, and went with it.


Easy to install, easy to use, and works well.







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Vertex Standard VXA710


Whilst on the subject of radios, I have been supplying the paraglider community with the above as it can receive on standard FM frequencies (local radio stations) the Business radio frequencies (Security and such like) and can transmit on the Aviation band. In short an awesome serious piece of kit, is waterproof, dust proof and so on. The down side is it has a SMA connector, and as the mic is waterproof it has quite poor hand held capabilities, the radio connector plug comes from an old James Bond movie and we have tried to copy it and failed. BUT it is the worlds most advanced Aviation small radio..


A lower budget version is the Pilot 3 VXA 300, well worth a look before you buy and alternatives to the Icom hand helds which are also really good. I use the ICA 4 as its just plain and simple..done hundreds of hours with them.


Cheers Paul



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Take care with the ICOM and Microair as it's not actually a Voice Activated intercom and it's always live. Ok on a short trip but no good on a long one. Also depends on what aircraft you're in. In a noisy aircraft it's good to have a voice activated one.



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I am tossing my Xcom 760 out after 18 months - if you want it, pm me and I can send it to you for a reasonable price. Mint condition, boxed with pre manufactured harness and PTT's for pilot and passenger - make me an offer?


I have ordered a Airmagic Chatterbox backed onto a Vertex Standard VXA710 and will continue with this for the future. Radio, Helmets, Headsets and spare headset plus antenna I secured landed for around $2k - excellent value. Talk to Zulu1 - he has solved long standing issues for me in seconds!





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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi Robinsm,


What is your proposed aircraft?


The Icom A200 is 'bullet proof' however requires space.


Generally,a seperate intercom lifts communication.


Best wishes





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Hi all,


I am building an xair standard and have decided to go with the xcom 760. Mainly because:


- Good reviews


- Integrated intercom saving space and weight


Thanks for all your help it has been very helpful





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