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582 seizure

Guest fly

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Hi All,


I'm after a bit of help, advice etc. and a shoulder to cry on , please.


I started to run in a re built 582 grey top, that I've just fitted ... seizure, rear piston, halfway through run in !!! motor had a thermostat fitted ? temps and egt looked fine, but would not rev out past 5400rpm. according to taco reading


looks like I need to fit new piston, and clean aluminium from bore, front looks OK, but will check


very little info available in the way of rotax workshop manual ,..... any downloads?


anyone know if piston pin caged brg could present problems? , rotax recommends a very expensive tool for removal ?


any reason why job can't be done with motor on aircraft ?[thruster] certainly would save a lot of work.


any do's and dont"s ?


any advice offered is much appreciated , thank you .................fly



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Claifornia Power Systems have some very good articles on the website that deal with 582 mechanical work etc. Check them out.







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If it won't rev out , giving the engine more throttle without getting a rev increase, causes it to lean out at that point. Lean mixture is the most common cause of problems. Check that you do not have ANY air leaks, eg main bearing seals. You should check your piston clearances as well.. I think there are two classes for the standard bore, with a very small difference in size between each. The small end rollers should not be a problem but you have to be very careful putting the pins in , not to push a roller out of place. The circlips must seat perfectly in the grooves, and I don't reckon that they are very good quality, so be careful. Account for ALL circlips/ rollers as you don't want any to end up in the engine. Good luck. Nev..



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Hi Nev ,


Sorry to take so long to get back to you,


Thanks for advice , I appreciate your input.


I am ready to put it back together, the barrell and piston cleaned up OK no serious damage.


I was thinking of moving the carby needle one notch to enrich the system maybe a little bit of extra insurance for run in and the put it back to normal when completed.


Also perhaps I won't be as aggressive as rotax suggest in their run in schedule and build up to max rpm over a little longer period . with a few more rests at idle keeping h2o temp and egt temp at a safe level


Any advice or input regarding above will be appreciated ,





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