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Just landed and loving it!!


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Hello everyone,


Began learning to fly out of Ballina early this year. Ostensibly for business purposes as I do a lot of country travel. Had no idea how much fun it was going to be and what a whole new world it opens up. Plus the fact it is actually more efficient use of my professsional time and it is more economical to boot.


I am looking forward to getting to know you fellow aviators.


Meanwhile, Fly lots, live large and have fun







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Guest Decca

Good morning Tiger. Welcome to the forums. You're in a nice patch of our Australian paradise.


Regards, Decca.





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Guest studentbiggles

:welcome:Tiger to our great site....I'm going to intergrate my flying to in my business to:thumb_up:....Gives you more cred to pull up in a plane rather than a long haul in a car!!!..Good luck with your lessons from one "Newbe" to another:big_grin: Cheers Studentbiggles (Alley)



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