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Oshksoh reports?

Guest ozzie

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Guest ozzie

with all the members there i thought we'd get a couple of personal reports from at least one of them. oh well they must be having a really fat time and forgotton all about us poor souls stuck back home..


i've been sitting up late watching their day start on the webcam feed and listening to the tower


"red RV wing rock....good rock...clear to 36 right..that's the skinny one.. behind the white cessna...land midfield keep the speed up right to the end follow the marshalls...doing a great job..welcome to oshkosh.."


damm i love that airplane chit chat



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You're correct, Ozzie, we are just so overcome by it all that we haven't the energy to report! There are about 200 Aussies who have signed in, and you can't go to anywhere near a beer without hearing that familiar accent.


The locals tell us that they are surprised at the numbers attending - they had expected them to be down due to the local economy, but not so. This final weekend is a bit down on aircraft numbers due to unfavourable weather reports - I estimate that tonight (saturday) there would only be 25% of the fleet that was here last monday. The variety of aircraft has been stunning - to see all these highlights in one week has been a rare opportunity, and the forums have been varied and interesting. Today Burt Rutan gave a thought-provoking talk under the heading of "Predictions", but this turned out to be a stinging criticism of the American government's stance on climate change (This study of climate change is Burt's current hobby) He didn't pull any punches and got rounds of applause from the locals. This talk, and all of Burt's other forums this week will be posted on a website shortly - I'll post this site soon, probably when I get home next week.


So there, we are reporting back, if somewhat belatedly!



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