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vortex generators any examples on a jabiru


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I put them on my J200. Can't say I observed any difference. I asked Rod Stiff - he was somewhat dismissive. Said he had tried them back when he needed to find a few knots of stall speed and VGs didn't do it.


He suggested that I prove it by putting them on just one wing.


In the end I peeled them off .....





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Jabirus have a NACA 4412 non laminar flow airfoil and V G's are unlikely to improve this type of wing section. We were presented with a set to try on a J250 on a no cost trial basis, we sent them back as useless. (placing them on the underside of the elevator did give a tiny increase in up control force) Putting anything on one wing only for testing is probably a good way of killing yourself! A good book on the subject called Airfoils by Harry Riblet is available from EAA for $18.



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There is a j160 at Kingston SE, SA which has vortex generators attached. The owner is very impressed with performance and handling of his aircraft. It is more stable. As to who this is, I am not at liberty to divulge without his permission.



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