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  1. I put a 912ULS into a 160. Worked fine, although the arithmetic was bananas. I can provide all the (Oz) paperwork to anyone who is interested. I dealt with the W/B thing by moving the battery from the firewall to behind the luggage space. That was not on the paperwork. Numbers all worked good .... not sure if you would be allowed to do that in Oz. It is ZK-BGY ZK-CPA is a J200 with a 912ULS and an Idrovario CS prop BGY started life as actually a 24-regd aircraft so changing the engine required lots of paperwork, but it all got done. I bought it from the Adelaide Soaring Club with
  2. Water jet is typically not expensive and does a REAL nice job. I was amazed at how it does small holes with tight tolerances. My first experience was a fair size chunk of 16mm (or so) ally (thick) that was to be a false firewall for a Rotax 912 going into a Jab. That gives some idea of the size. It was a relatively complex shape with a big hole in the middle and mounting holes all over the place. Cost $300 including the metal ..... I had been all worried about CNC machining and needing to bump up the mortgage ..... :-) The guy casually mentioned that if I had wanted more than one he would have
  3. I had a Trio autopilot in my J200. The basic version just worked the stick to jeep the wings level. It would do aileron-only turns OK. It would maintain a track with a crosswind by dipping the upwind wing a little bit every so often. It was easy to override. It had a "rate 1 180 degree turn" function for when you flew accidentally into cloud. Quite fun ...Altitude hold was an extra and also worked the stick the same way.
  4. Perhaps we could have a poll of how many people on this site have seen this as part of their training? I didn't know it existed and if there is an NZ equivalent I have never heard of it .....
  5. Speaking as the author of PEMET ... Trouble with trying to translate NOTAMs is there is no standard. People just sort of make up abbreviations and format stuff however they feel like. TAF/METAR OTOH follow (sort of) an ICAO (sort of) standard. I know it is sort of because my NZ translator needed a lot of hacking to work for Oz. Canadian ones were a bit different too. ARFORs weren't too bad, although the formats were quite different. Madness, but real aviators understand all of it of course ....
  6. Just make sure they are skinny ones that you can wear way down your nose .... or go to Zenni Optical and buy a set of prescription glasses with zero on the top and whatever you need at the bottom. If you are doing that you might as well have an eye test and get "real" ones from Zenni. Bifocal or progressive - take your pick. Expect to pay about USD50 for bifocals or USD 100 for progressives. Then get some of their $US5 clipon polarised sunnies. Cut the bottom off with some snippers so you can look at the panel .... works
  7. Autogauge Oil Pressure Sender Unit - Yellow Label that's the NZ equivalent of EBay ... it's the unit I run on my 912ULS. If you go to EBay Aus and look for oil pressure senders you will find ... as I recall it is a 10 bar unit which I mention to my MGL unit. It is written on the body ..... Universal Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Gauge Sender Switch Sending Unit 1/8 NPT | eBay Looks to be the same thing for $7.50 with free shipping from China. At that price one doesn't care if they are AUD, NZD or USD ..... I suspected that the wild oil pressure fluctuations I saw in another aircraft we
  8. You can buy Chinese VDO compatible senders for ridiculously small amounts like $25 or so. We have several in use on our field ....
  9. Now I am confused. Was that $20 each from Bert Flood? As I recall we bought a kit like that for about NZD125 from ConAir in the UK which was under half what the Rotax people wanted for the real thing. If you go to the ConAir site now you find that they have passed their hose stuff to Skydrive who only sell 17mm hose by the metre. I was not able to find 17mm hose anyplace else .... I know of people who tried 18mm (leaked) and 16 mm (could not get it on) and something/16". For whatever reason, the boys in Austria went for 17mm ...
  10. Then there is .... AWB 02-1 Issue 1 - On-condition maintenance | Civil Aviation Safety Authority written 2001, updated 2016 whatever this extract means ...... Manufacturers Recommended TBO Aircraft and component manufacturers can make "Hard Time" recommendations (i.e. removal of items from service at a specified period for overhaul or replacement indifferent of the items current performance condition), usually referred to as Time Between Overhaul (TBO), which specify how long they consider their product should remain in service. These recommendations are based on average utilisa
  11. What happens to aircraft in this situation in Oz? RAA private use ultralights. Do you stop flying and throw the engine away or what?
  12. skydrive uk will sell you 17mm hose at GBP15/metre. Still quite competitive I think. To work the clips you want the hose pliers at Angled Flat Band Hose Clamp Pliers Rotax 912 582 Aircraft Auto Engine Coolant | eBay. Makes it all a breeze rather than mucking about with ordinary pliers and vice grips. Nothing like the right tool for the job.
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