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And another version is uploaded.

flying dog

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Guest Brett Campany

Still having a couple of issues with this. The mag variation is incorrect for WA. Showing 11 degrees for YSEN to YBUN, YMGT, YCOI etc. It's actually 3 degrees.


Still unable to change figures like fuel consumption which is stuck on 22lt per hour.


It's a touch small, would be good to have something that you could take on the aircraft and read easily.


It's a good concept for checking your manual calculations though.



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In the quick post I posted, I explained.


However, no worries.


The thing is the sheet is supposed to be a "single use" one.


Sure, you keep a blank one and use coppies of it for all your flights.


As I made a dummy flight and entered mag' var' in there you have to correct the error.




I'm understanding that it is still showing 12 (or what ever in the mag var column)


Go to the cell above that cell and copy it to the cell with the number.


Repeat for any other cells which show a mag' var figure.


Also do this for the wind column.


SAVE THE "EMPTY" sheet as your default copy.


As you are in Perth, on the setup page, for the Mag var, enter it as -3 (or what ever.) and it should be ok.


Let me know.



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Guest Brett Campany

This is looking better, just entered some figures but the fuel side of things is a tad out, I'll email it to you, PM me your email address!


Nice work though!:thumb_up:



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