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Hi all :-)

Guest flymoreoften

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Guest flymoreoften

Hi All,


I'm new here andnot flying yet but hope to start my lessons later this year.


Kind regards, keen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gif Shane.



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Guest Pop-top

Hello 098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif


When do you hope to start flying? - not bad timing by the way, the weather should be sweet by the time you book your first lessons if it's later this year :big_grin: not like the gail forces we've had the past few days in the southern states.


Have you looked into flying schools or chosen one as yet?



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Guest Walter Buschor

Hi Shane,


good to hear from you.


You are going to have THE most satisfying time ahead of you. Good stuff.


on another note : Watts Bridge has the " Festival of Flight " on Saturday & Sunday 29/30 August. I'm likely to go out there on Sunday for a few hours. It's a terrific event.


If you want to be a passenger you're most welcome. ( My better half won't be able to come due to other commitments ) .Just drop a line on the forum if you're interested.


safe flying


the grey Nomad



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Guest flymoreoften

Thankyou everyone :-)


Hi again everyone and thanks for the warm welcome.


I've been away most of this week for a short holiday with my wife at Coolangatta and on the way home abseiling and rock climbing off Kangaroo Point cliffs in Brisbane (life can be so tough at times ;)) and just got back home about half an hour ago. Unfortunately this means I've missed out on the "Festival of Flight" but many thanks to Walter Buschor for the kind offer of being his passenger, maybe some other time perhaps...


I hope to get in the air around October/November and plan to learn with Pro-Sky in Caboolture (Pro-Sky Caboolture) in their Tecnam Echo. I did a TIF with Zane Tully back in February and was very impressed (I'd caught the flying bug many years ago with a TIF and also a Tiger Moth joy flight but wasn't in a postion then to take it up).



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