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Solo Nav complete, another awesome day of flying!

Guest Brett Campany

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Guest Brett Campany

What a great day! It's been over a month since my last flight and way to long since I flew the Storch but I was feeling pretty good about it all. The weather recently has been less than desirable but good for the farmers. I haven't seen so much rain!


The forecast today was looking ok, winds 230/10 broken ST around 3000 with the occasional isolated light shower.


I conducted a pre-flight on the Storch and loaded a 10lt fuel can to use when I get to Margaret River.


The plan today was to depart Serpentine, head to Bunbury then Busselton and around Cape Naturaliste coastal to margaret River where I would meet up with Mum and have lunch. From there, direct to Collie and then home to Serpentine. It was about 13 degrees so a really nice day to get out and about.


I loaded the Storch with some food and water plus all my nav gear, jumped in and headed off for my first real flying adventure on my own.


Take off was quick with a slight crosswind from the left and before to long I was headed out for my first waypoint.


My ten minute markers were spot on, I was really impressed with myself and was able to pin point my exact location at each point. It helps to know the area though!


I could already see that Bunbury and Busselton was going to be blanketed by a touch of haze but it all cleared up as I got closer to those points. Just after Busselton I did notice some black clouds around the Cape so it was an easy decision to divert direct to Margaret River. I did encounter some very light showers but managed to fly around the darker areas. Luckily it was all moving north east and it was all soon behind me.


I spotted the Margaret River airstrip a lot sooner than I expected and as I flew closer I could see a small welcoming party waiting for me. I over flew the field and checked out the wind direction, maintained the circuit and made my best ever landing in the Storch.


Previously I had a few problems getting the Storch on the ground but I've since learnt that you've gotta wash the speed off really early!


Lunch and a coffee at Margaret River was a really good way to stop and have a break. It's so green through the south west of WA right now and it just feels like home. Plus my bladder needed a real break as well!


An hour later I was off again to travel over some tiger country towards Collie. Not only that but there was some more dark clouds that I had to divert around. I was on track and heading towards Donnybrook and that was right where I saw a decent sized black cloud. Right away I made my diversion and once around, regained track towards Collie.


From Collie to Serpentine was the longest stretch over tiger country. I climbed to 3000ft to remain below cloud but also high enough so that if I was to have an engine failure I could glide to safer ground....... just in case. But the trip was flawless and I couldn't be happier!


I was really impressed with myself being able to get to my waypoints not only on the mark but on time as well. I'm confident in my nav work and look forward to a longer nav.


I have realised one thing though. My bladder only holds for about an hour and a half to two hours. There's no way of any relief in the Storch so I've got a feeling that I'll be venturing to some small airfields in the near future!


ooroo for now.


Departed YSEN



Approaching Mandurah



Overhead Port Bouvard






Cloud cover






Wellington Dam






Tiger country as far as the eye can see!





Looking dark half way to YSEN




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Good one Brett..It seems like a very short time ago you were posting about getting you pilot cert..Im stoked for you...


The story and the photos have whet my whistle for some looooong nav's... And at some stage soon i will embark on a massive journey of my own.


I have to build hours for my commercial licence, and im gonna buy some bulk hours(as soon as i can get the cash together) and nick off...


One idea was to fly from Melbourne up the east coast, then on to the Kimberley, and then back down via adelaide..The other option was to fly all along the south of Aus to Perth and back as i have to be over there for a couple of work related things..Either way i want to do about 50 hours of flying in one big getaway, so the plan is to do it as a big flying holiday just camping, relaxing and flying and having a good look at this awesome country....


Anyway..It looks like brilliant flying over there.I might just have to do plan B and head west:thumb_up:...



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Guest Maj Millard

Great photos Brett, but thats not a Storch mate, it's plastic and it has a training wheel up front !! I do like that vertical card compass though.................................................................................................................................................



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