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Somebody watching us.


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I got home today after flying to be told by my wife that the police wanted to talk to me.


I phoned them and talked to a Sergeant who was concerned that I might have been in trouble in the plane. Somebody reported a yellow plane disappeared behind an Island and they didn't see it come back up. It wasn't me but a mate of mine with a yellow winged drifter. He had circled down over some people swimming near a large shark and I suppose left the area at fairly low level behind the high ground.


Nice to know that the police will follow up, and they seemed serious about our safety. They had made several calls to RAA members in the area. Must have got onto RAAus to find out who had what planes. Now after a bit of PR work with the Sergeant to keep up our good name I was only sorry that I couldn't offer him a flight, he seemed quite interested.


Will have to mention it to another mate who sometimes gets a bit lower than he should. Big brother is watching, so don't give him any ammunition.



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From a positive viewpoint Yenn the guy in the Drifter may be providing a public service by trying to warn swimmers of the proximity of the shark. Thus the concern that the Drifter was not seen again by the witness. Anyway I wasn't there, I was in cold old Ballarat, landlocked too.


Regards, Decca.



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Guest Maj Millard

Relfy, Backpackers lying naked on the beach, sharks come on !!....of course that Drifter had to be doing a "precautionary beach inspection" for one, or all of the following reasons.....


1. He spotted what looked like packs of illegal drugs washed up along the beach.


2. He spotted what looked like an abandoned people-smuggling boat washed up on the beach, with tracks leading into the bush.


3. He spotted what looked like an abandoned sailboat/jetski/kayak/tinnie/cigarette ocean racing boat/japanese fishing trawler, or small coastal trader on the beach.


4. He spotted what appeared to be an oil slick on the beach, and in the water.


5. He spotted what appeared to be S.O.S written in the sand.


In all cases it is obvious to me that this public-service minded pilot was simply complying with, and carrying out, his civic duty by investigating these suspicous activities, and would have had all intentions, of reporting them to the appropriate authorities, immediately by radio, or upon landing..................................................024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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The drifter pilot had told me about the shark while I was still at the airstrip. No need to lie about it, I just forgot the incident when I talked to the police first time.



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I got a call from Mick Poole yesterday and referred him to the pilot of the drifter. It seems that CASA are involved, so RAAus has to do something. Will have to spread the word that CASA is watching us and no low flying will be tolerated, or we will stand to loose more than we want.



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