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The end of an era (Goulburn) - Austin retires


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Hi All,


If any of you have ever visited the Southern Highlands or flown in Australia you have probably come into some contact with Mr Austin Cummins. Austin has been training and testing pilots since the dawn of flight it would seem. Certainly before I was a twinkle in my Fathers eye. Austin has decided to retire from being an Authorised Testing Officer at the end of August 2009.


To celebrate the contribution of one of the most passionate and experienced aviators in these areas there will be a "Farewell Extravaganza" held for Austin.


Venue: The Goulburn Aviation hanger at Goulburn Airport.


Date: 12th of September 2009


Time: 12.00pm.


RSVP: to Teraya Miller or PM to me by 5th of August.


Hope that you can make it!



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