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Gday from Zurtri

Guest zurtri

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Hi guys,


I am currently taking lessons for a Rec License.


I am from near Murray Bridge and fly at Pallamanna.


Just thought I'd say hi before lurking in the forums for a while!


Cheers All





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No, its just a nickname I have that the fellas have given me.


I'm not related to anyone on the forums as far as I know...





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Thank guys.


I am currently in the middle of the "intro to circuits" training.


Got my first landing done on my own yesterday which was a total rush. I didn't realise I had done it till the instructor said "You just landed it - I didn't touch anything"


That was pretty cool.


Hopefully after a few more circuit lessons I'll be able to land with regularity under nice conditions.



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Guest studentbiggles

:welcome:Zurtri to the forums...I was down your way three weekends ago at Murray Bridge strip...Very nice and friendly flyers there:thumb_up:....I'm a student pilot myself, have had a few hickups lately but are now back on track after some great motivation from my fellow avaitors at AWPA (Aust. Womens Pilot Ass.) In Adelaide on Friday night:clap:Hi to all the girls out there:off topic: How you going with your theory study:question: It's a slog at timesi_dunno isn't itthumb_down Keep in touch and let us all know how your flying is coming along...Fly Safe and have fun Cheers Studentbiggles:big_grin:



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The theory stuff is going ok.


I studied physics in uni and now program websites, so technical information flows into the old brain no worries.


Of course we'll find out if my confidence matches my reality when I do my first theory test!



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