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I'm starting to like it

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Guest burbles1

I've just been for my first flight in a Sportstar (got my PC a month ago and wanted to try something besides a Jab). The taxiing was tricky - it seems that you need to constantly brake against the high-revving engine to keep a slow speed.


Can't belive how incredibly sensitive the controls are! You only need very small inputs and the slightest rudder. It's a very slippery aircraft too - I couldn't get used to how much you need to slow down mid-downwind so that you can land the thing.


But what really impressed me was the stability in S&L flight, and how easy it is to control in a steep turn. In a Jab 160, I was struggling to maintain altitude in a turn, but the Sportstar is very stable. I also like the really positive feedback in the stick when you push the trim buttons - you're not chasing the trim up or down all the time (which I've done in a Tecnam). One issue I have is not being able to see the LEDs light up for the trim position.


Anyway, I'll have another couple of sessions to see if it grows on me.







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G'day Dave,


The SportStar is a great plane alright. :-)


If you need breaks to control taxi speed then the engine might be idling high or your going downhill. The brakes don't normally need to be used to maintain a slow taxi but the throttle can be a little tricky I guess because there is certainly a lag between power change and the effects on the taxi being felt.


The rest I can certainly attest to! I take it that your saying it is hard to see the trim lights during pre-takeoff? it is hard for me to remember a "bright and sunny day" :-) but yeah, not as easy as the mechanical trim (which I prefer anyway) but at least it is only a small problem because it is only useful on the ground.


I want to have a go of a J160 but the only one I have found so far is a 1.5 to 2 hour drive (each way). Arrgg!



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Thx137, I'm going to assume you mean the trip to Murray Bridge. 1.25hr max from Morphett Vale. You gotta know the hills and short cuts but worth the trip. Make the effort, you won't be disappointed.



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Just a tip on short cuts. Take the freeway to Manarto and turn off. Head for Mannum but be on the look out for:


Rail crossing at the twin silos,(good nav aids)


Old Princess Highway Xroads (go straight ahead)


5 road junction just after the old Manarto church, go slow over the spoon drain to the right.(2 o'clock)


Turn right at Hillview Rd (first turning I think)


Very sudden appearance of a flood way after a bend, very slow or you'll bottom out. This is followed by a disused railway crossing, a bit bumpy.


Turn left at M.B./Mannum Road and the airfield is on your right.(18Km total from freeway but shorter than going into MB and doubling back)


Narrow gateway, and a pipe crosses the drive near the Recreational Pilots Academy car park. You need to go to the end of the drive and head to your right for MBLAFS.


I fly with RPA but they only have Jab LSA55's. Cheaper but..........


Have fun.



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