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As a plans built aircraft, yes, there would be no problem registering


them with RA-Aus, based on the figures that are viewable on the


Wag-Aero website for the Wag-A-Bond Classic and the Traveler. You would


be pushing the limits with the traveler as it has around 204kg usuable


load (with our MTOW limit of 544kg),


two 90kg people leaving around 33L of fuel, and with a 914 115hp


engine, thats about an hour at 100hp. So not really worth it.


No info on the sportsman 2+2 but I take it that it is a 4 seater, so no go there.


The sport trainer, depends on what you want to buy in the kit, there


are numerous options available so will need to be assessed


individually. As long as it meets the 51% rule, no problem.


The kit will need to be inspected once it arrives here. With plans built, start building.





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What's the latest on the "Light Aircraft" classification that the US


and looks like Australia is heading towards? They say a 600 KG limit,


would that be for Aircraft specified as "Light Aircraft" or would some


existing machinery qualify? Something like the "Traveler" built light


with a 914 Rotax would have a good usefull load and resonable cross


country speed.



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