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Builders Competion and New RAAus Site

Guest TOSGcentral

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Guest TOSGcentral

To give a bit of interest to this section of the forums:


Did you know that the RAAus web site has a new section on home building


produced with John Brandon’s usual attention to detail and


comprehensive coverage?


Did you also know that a proposal has been put to the Board for a


building competition with $5,000 prizes in each of three categories?


The Board were apparently generally in favour but have deferred making


a decision until next year. I wonder what they expect to change – this


is core grass roots ultralighting stuff?


You can have a bo-peep by using the following link:









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definatly an interesting concept, as i am in the planning stages of construction of a Plans built Cri cri (see avatar) 2 of them to be exact! i plan to start manufacturing the first component in the next few weeks



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