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Dust storm


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I was surprised to see today in the slight dust storm we are having, that the dust seems to go up to abput 7000' and there is a layer of small cumulous at about 3200 to 3300'


I was expecting the dust to top out at the same height as the base of the cloud.


Just goes to show that the dusty air still has enough moisture content to produce cloud. It was as smooth as a millpond above the cloud, with some bumpiness below.



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Just a few pictures from the dust at our place... since taking these pictures it's now set in really thick, would be 100m visibility or less.























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Still plenty of dust today here and I decided not to fly. It would have clogged up the air filter slightly, but I prefer to fly where I can get a good view of the countryside. Devited the day to getting better radio reception, by increasing the size of the earth mat and it may have worked.



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Guest Maj Millard

Flew Ingham-Townsville early Saturday morning in the dust, after cancelling the previosly day after one of our Jetrangers returned on the same route, due low viz. I did manage to maintain legal viz all the way but certainly would not have done it without intimate knowledge of the route, which I probabily fly a couple of times a week. The old GPS was also very helpfull for cross checking progress. Was also prepared to turn around at any time, and had heaps of fuel on board. After landing there was a fine build up of dust on all leading edge surfaces, including the prop, but doesn't appear it has caused any erosion at all to the blades. I was flying at below normal cruise speed most of the time anyway.


Actually enjoyed the flight but certainly wouldn't recommend it to any pilot with a low experience level........................................................................024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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