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OK, call me thick, call me dumb. I admit I'm not pc savvy, but how the hell does one post/upload a personal video. I tried to put it on Youtube, that got lost some where in cyberspace. This site asks for a URL?.....it's on my computer. Do I have to go through a third party or what?


Please treat me like an imbecile and spell it out in plain, old fashioned English, not in today's electronic gobbledygook. :hittinghead: 036_faint.gif.544c913aae3989c0f13fd9d3b82e4e2c.gif 091_help.gif.c9d9d46309e7eda87084010b3a256229.gif PLEASE



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Well Doug, it looks like we are all just as dumb as each other!! 021_nod.gif.30c66a33e1ed960b5b5d3fc7b345b58d.gif


I couldn't get any video's to work either, so I think you may have to call on the boss.:thumb_up:



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