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Rans S7 help, please ...


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I know there's somebody down under that has the experience to provide me with advice, so 'thanks' in advance. I'm considering the purchase of a short-tail Rans S7 with an 80hp 912. I've never flown an S7 and I've only flown behind the 100hp 912 (in a bunch of different aircraft). Does anybody know what kind of performance difference will exist between the current S7 and the earlier short-tail version? And I'd love to hear opinions concerning the suitability of the 80hp 912 in such an aircraft. I'm presuming that I'd like the current S7 as I have flown the Savage Classic a fair bit and it's a great aircraft that at first glance doesn't appear to be hugely different; all of this has been behind the 100hp Rotax and I'm a little leery about dropping down in power.


Thanks, guys.







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Guest Maj Millard

pitfield, In the right aircraft you won't really notice a lot of difference between the 80hp and the 100hp, unless of course if your going out real heavily loaded, then the 100hp will give you a solid 800 to 1000 feet per minute climb.(depending on aircraft type) The 80hp actually runs a little smoother, and you can get down to a rediculous fuel burn per hour. You really only use the extra grunt on takeoff anyway.


I've not flown the S7 but I have always liked the look of them, and 80% of my time is in taildraggers. I currently own and fly an Australian Lightwing GR-912. WWW.lightwing.com.au I was looking at what I presume was a long tailed S7 recently, and although it was an impressive looking aeroplane, the tail looked like it might have been a little too long ?. Anyway thats where my knowledge on the S7 ends, but I am sure there would be a Rans website somewhere for more direct info. Cheers Ross.



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I had a short-tailed S7 for a hundred hours, and it was great! A mini Super Cub but even better short-field performance. Many old hands prefer the short-tail version because it was lighter. Mine had the 100hp, but I feel that 80 would have been fine for anything but extreme show-off. I've flown in a Savannah, two-up with an 80, and it felt not much less than my 100, certainly not inadequate. For bush travel I'd probably choose the 80 next time, to be able to run on regular unleaded, which is often all you can get out there.


For an analysis of why I ultimately chose to keep the Savannah rather than the S7, have a look at StolSpeed Aerodynamics - Performance Enhancement for Light Aircraft


To get in touch with the guys who really know the S7 go to the Yahoo forum http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RansS7Courier/





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