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As they say... It is done

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Afternoon all,


Well after three months of waiting for the weather to be friendly, on Sunday it was.


Ahh my x-country is done, exam is passed and passenger complete.


More hours of solo time and absolutely no housework or shopping.


Hmm tinned spaghetti tastes so nice when you have a grin this big on your face.:big_grin:


Just planning my first trip now and more time up there rather than down here.


Fly safe and stay well





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Congratulations Bec.


PM Decca if you're coming through YBLT. Only 'cause I make great instant coffee.





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Hey, that's Awesome work Bec... great feeling isn't it?


Have you taken Stanz for a spin yet?


I took Mum for the first time on Saturday, that was pretty fun!


Keep up the good work, and fly safe! And as my instructor said when leaving on my solo Nav... "And Have Fun" :thumb_up:



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Thanks for all the congrats, it seems like it has taken forever.


Tomo, no I haven't taken Stan up for a spin yet as my card hasn't come through.


But we are planning on flying together soon. I have my Masters this weekend so it gives him a chance to try and catch up :)


Then it is off into the wild blue younder





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