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Thermocouples EGT VDO


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I have a question on thermocouples for EGTs for my Jab 160?



I’ve bought a VDO gauge and thermocouple from Jab, but I really don’t like to thermocouple as it seems big relative to the exhaust header diameter and it needs to be welded in place.


Is it possible to substitute the thermocouple for the small probe type that is held in place with a hose clamp and still get same accuracy from the VDO guage? If so what “type” is this thermocouple … what do I need to ask for when purchasing?


Any other ideas also welcome?








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Just came across your question, Jack. In case you haven't since found a solution, I used an internal probe of the type you mention, connected to a VDO gauge. The brass hose clamp it was locked onto is designed for a much larger pipe diameter so I made a copper collar to fit under the clamp to allow me to screw it tight on the small Jabiru pipe.





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Hi Lyle,



As it turned out, I ended up sending back the unit and bought another brand. The new unit is a duel gauge set up, which uses smaller probes and hose clamps. It is much more suitable in terms of the smaller dimensions of the exhaust headers.



In any case many, thanks for taking the time to respond.








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