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Guest drizzt1978

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Guest drizzt1978

I would really like to go away camping some where, with in a few hours fly from Tooradin?


Does any one have any suggestions of a strip that i can fly to and camp near by?


Im even open to an invite to a private strip!!



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A lot of cars seem to camp off the end of northern strip at Tullamarine I notice but I could recommend you try the cape Conran coastal park just past Marlo a little bit. There is a dirt strip airfeild there. Been meaning to fly there myself ever since I drove to it once years ago, I camped near the beach it was heaven. Dove for abalones which I cooked on a fire for two minutes in green ginger wine.


I better stop coz Im sounding like the Major.


What a spot, Google earth it nothing there but dont tell anyone about the great fishing, snorkeling, camping and unpopulated beaches coz every one will go there , no amenities just raw basic camping



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