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  1. I do not see any "advertising or promotion" of this site anywhere else where I connect to aviation whether it be on FB and the very many aviation sites on it, or any publications, online of offline aircraft for sale, sport commercial or recreational. Most of this costs nothing just time to put a post up on FB or an cheap ad in a publication. People do not know about the site or confuse it with RAAUS. (that could work both ways potentially) It would be interesting to know what the drop out rate is soon after joining Rec Flying as I agree with other posters that a few frequent posters
  2. Been lots of near misses at my airport lately. Just saying, we all know the rules :inbound, joining where to look but some calls are not exact with position headings etc so lights do help for sure. Added safety and more sexy.
  3. Precisely which is why I positioned the "landing" lights to aim more straight out rather than just down.
  4. I purchased h3 100 watt halogen landing light replacement system from an australian company FlyLED.com. I do not fly at night but want to be visible inbound and in the circuit plus maybe more visible on the ground. FlyLED are about half price of similar systems from the USA. Also save the high freight cost. I have twin LED lights for each wing total 4800 lumens drawing only 5 watts. I bought a 3 way switch which gives me lights full on or wig wag function. They make retrofit systems for Vans aircraft and kuts you can make yourself to suit your build.
  5. Back to less adverts for light aircraft I noticed a year ago how online sales of light aircraft especially less by the old traditional providers such as Aircraft trader and thru the flying orgs such as RaAus, SAAA etc was declining. Online has gained a large piece of the action being easier cheaper faster and direct. ACFT Trader had to go online when they recognised this trend years ago. Facebook alone as 3 large sites. Aviation Buy Sell Swap Australia is the largest. "Aircraft for sale" has 5000 members as an example. The various aircraft type groups such as RV`S in Oz , Vans aircraft Austr
  6. Jean Battens Percival Gull hangs in the Auckland Airport . Quite a Woman!!!!!
  7. Seems that the opening up of the skies to light aircraft flying has resulted in a few incidents last few days. At my airport a few near misses and a engine out flip on landing this morning (Huntly c172 pilot OK). Was thinking could this be rusty pilots or rusty engines/ rusty fuel issues.?
  8. I believe stowing of ipad is a requirement from an article by CASA I read years ago.
  9. I use a mini in my RV and Pulsar3 with suction mounted as in the jab picture a few posts back. No problems. I covered the surface with an antiglare film. The vent blows close to it so no overheating. Portrait works best I reckon. Old ipad models work just as well. LTE versions of course. Screen fade option on Avplan works well and saves heaps of battery. Just tap screen to wake. CASA accepts ipad mini screen size.
  10. I will not download it. I dont trust Morrison or any politician. Yes he is blackmailing the public, downoad or restrictions will not be lifted. Yes google has tracking but you can turn it off! Amazon is getting all the data, another reason not to download it. I read the app is not effective unless 40% of the population download it. Thats a lot of people and the way its going I suspect it will fall well short. The yanks have more guts than us apathetic rollovers, when it comes to personal rights, it would not and is not happening there. Shame they started distancing too late tho . Thats stupid
  11. Bendigo flying club and 2 other training organisations have stopped instructing but planes are available for hire.! Some pvte flying out of pvte hangars. Social distancing seems to be applied in those cases. Seems crazy that we can't fly if we can still get a haircut from a barber who touch's people and is within 1.5 metres during a whole day. Far as I know buses and trains still going !! albeit lower numbers so flying is a lot safer 1 or 2 up in our little planes.
  12. 1/ Ian perhaps consider going wider to the whole aviation community via a crowd funding organisation. Us members can help make that fund request "go viral" posting it to all the existing aviation media be it online FB, Instagram print media orgs etc and to flying organisations such as AOPA, SAAA, RAAus etc. That's a lot of people I am sure don't know about the site. 2/ With some of the funds place ads in aviation media to gain new members, site awareness benefits etc. 3/ Charge members an annual fee equal to a magazine subscription or part thereof. ($20?) Offer a 3 month trial fee of
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