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Aerochute Video


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I hire and fly a Tecnam Echo and X Country endorsement is underway BUT I also own an Aerochute and always will because your out there with the elements. Its not something you fly to somewhere its just something you fly around.


Flew at YCAB on 11/10 and had a play with a new Helmet Cam, Contour HD - see http://www.adventurecamshq.com.au/d10/contour-hd/


I posted the clip on youtube (had to split into parts 1 & 2) - hope you enjoy.





About 5 mins each. For best results watch on youtube site, let them download first, then turn on the sound and go to full screen.






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Guest Maj Millard

Cosmick, you even almost put it on the damn strip !..that's not a GPS hanging out there in front is it ?....for what reason...groundspeed ??....great stuff mate.





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