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Rear spar attach point


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Interesting issue on the local sporty, its history states that in its previous 24- registration it had an accident, then transferred to VH also had an accident, well after re-registration into anothers hands and back on 24- the engine mount rubbers need replacing ( damaged in accident I sumize) and then yesty, LH rear fuselage to wing attach point is flogged out ( found on a walkaround) in a way that can only happen if the wing was forced forward. Now I know it didnt move during the hundred hourly, but no impact or heavy handling has happened since it came to our club. I can only think that it was a bi-product of a sudden stop and that the attach bolt has been to date, tight enough to mask it. Anyone else seen this before?



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Guest Maj Millard

Rear spar bolts and attach points can, and do suffer damage during wing impacts, and are often overlooked after such events. This may because they are often considered secondary to the foward/ main attach bolt. Even a minor tipstrike on the hangar door can, because the wing acts like a long lever, cause damage in the root area.


Both front and rear bolts need to be checked and/or replaced if in doubt, as the consiquences are about the same should either fail. It is also often the case that the rear attach area is smaller or lighter, and therefore more capable of suffering serious damage.



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