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Microlight operation in CTA

Guest kylesaltmarsh

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Guest kylesaltmarsh

Hi All;


I've been interested in microlighting for a few years, and am now about to take my first few lessons (YAY!).


Being new to the arena, i'm after some information on microlight operation in different airspaces; i've googled and CASA'ed, but haven't been able to find any solid answers yet.


My situation: I live in Albury with my better-half, and have am being relocated to Canberra. This will mean work in ACT Mon-Thur and traveling back to spend the long weekend at home. Whilst the drive wouldn't kill me, i'd love to be able to gain some hours during the commute!


My question is this:


Can microlights operate in class C & D airspace, and if so, under what conditions (how to go about it).


Any light you could shed on the topic would be most appreciated.







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Guest Brett Campany

I'm pretty sure they can't operate in CTA but best thing to do sis while you're checking out microlight / ultralight schools, just ask what the conditions are in relation to your area.



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To fly into class C or D airspace in an RAAus registered aircraft you will need to have a Private Pilots licence (PPL) complete with current medical.


There are other airstrips not too far away from Canberra and Albury, but as a very new learner you will be a while away from getting the PPL.



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