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Hi all, Isolated in Mount Isa, usually fly what ever is hireable, but have purchased a Brumby and will take delivery in April 07. Have a Winjeel project in the shed as well, intrested in all things flyable. Merry Christmas to all.





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Hi Tony - & welcome..


Brumby is one a/c I'm currently considering... as well as Jabiru.


Your must be getting one of the first factory built(?).. Will be interesting to hear of your impressions on the whole purchase experience - quality of build, etc., after you take delivery..


How did you decide to go Brumby? What were the main features that attracted you away from the competition?







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Chris, Thanks for the welcome. We are getting # 8 off the line.


Have been looking around for some time and I don't get a lot of time to myself with work etc, so had got to the point of it not being possible for me to build a kit if I want to be able to fly this century. Then went looking for a suitable aircraft to buy. Went to the factory and got to fly the prototype with Phil, the guys went out of their way for us and so far the process has been very good.


After flying the aircraft I had done the deal before we landed, not sure if that answers the question, but that sort of aircraft and that sort of people.


Regards, Tony.



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