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Savannah Incidents


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October issue RAAus magazine lists an incident when a Savannah hit a fence on take-off. The only comment that got in the magazine is that "..slats had been removed and replaced by VGs..." Not quite true. That aircraft was built without slats in the first place, and had 165 hrs of very successful STOL Ops by the original owner. There's lots more to that story, as verified by the pilot, at StolSpeed Aerodynamics - Performance Enhancement for Light Aircraft . That incident is the one marked Incident #1 in the analysis. There's also analysis of another couple of incidents, and some real life cautions and tips about STOL Ops in these aircraft. Also very detailed and careful flight test comparisons of a Savannah with slats, the original wing with VGs instead of slats, and the factory 'VG' wing. Very interesting real life results!





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