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My kind of pilot.

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This is an alledged radio conversation recorded.


Alas I am skeptical because of the frequency mentioned ........


but it is a good read.




American pilot flying from Europe to Dubai ~ ~ ~


Conversation recorded on VHF Guard (emergency) frequency 121.5 MHz:




The conversation:


- Iranian Air Defense Radar: 'Unknown aircraft you are in Iranian airspace. Identify yourself.'




- U.S. Aircraft: 'This is a United States aircraft. I am in Iraqi airspace.'




- Iranian Air Defense Radar: 'You are in Iranian airspace. If you do not depart our airspace we will launch interceptor aircraft!'




- U.S. Aircraft: 'This is a United States Marine Corps FA-18 fighter. Send 'em up. I'll wait!'




- Iranian Air Defense Radar: ( . . . total silence)










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