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Has anyone here built an RV4. I know there is at least one on the RAAus register, probably limited to single seater. I am seriously considering getting a kit, with the Aussie dollar being about US$0.92 it looks good buying and I can get a kit here for less than the cost of a Morgan Cheetah.


Any info from a builder or operator would be very welcome.



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If you intend to fly it legally at 544 kg, that means it will be as a single seater, with reduced fuel capacity, the RV3 is a single seater, a lot lighter, 200 mph on a 160 HP and I feel a better option. Forget the 600 kg, it is not going to happen for Amatuer Built and if you don't believe me ring Steve Bell at RAAus. He was the one that told me a month ago.



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