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Pete just landed from New Jersey USA


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Hi everyone,


I am an Aussie and have been living in central New Jersey for past 2 years. Previously lived on Sydney Northern Beaches and far from an airport so never could make flying work for me. Now I live about a few miles frommy local airport - Somerville (KSMQ).


I just passed my PPL checkride a couple of weeks ago in a Cherokee PA28-140. I have also been flying a C172 and will probably fly that more often both wife and son can come flying.


Getting my PPL has been fantastic with flying locally around central and north jersey, to NYC, eastern Pennsylvania and southern New York state.


- Pete



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Nev - Definitely the whole industry has been hit by the downturn. Many layoffs in aircraft firms though many are investing to be ready when the economy recovers. The federal stumulus $ is being used for airport improvements etc..



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Simonflyer - yes I guess its busy but then I really have nothing to compare it to. Within an hour's flying I have class B several class D, at least one Class C and at least one business air force base. I did read somewhere that there are 14,000 airports in the US and something like 10% of that in Australia - probably right given the relative populations of both countries. Its also spectacular with the different seasons - they call NJ the garden state - much of it rural and wooded with lakes scattered throughout.. Pete.



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