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Flying into Canberra


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Hi, I may have to fly into Canberra at short notice later this week, tracking from Albury. Looking at the map there's some fairly high mountains and the cloud forecast is not all that good. Has anybody got any suggestions for a VFR route into Canberra without having to go over 5000+ high hills.question.gif.c2f6860684cbd9834a97934921df4bcb.gif Cheers Ferris



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You can track west of the mountains until Wee Jasper (near Yass) and duck around the flatter area up there.


Otherwise, the safest route is fairly direct to Adaminaby (track to the north of the highest point near Cabramurra to stay near the highway - it's a designated remote area). The lowest point in the Snowys is probably about there where the highway from Cooma to Tumut goes through. Once over Adaminaby, head east until you reach the Murrumbidgee valley south of Canberra and track direct from there.


It's not too bad (unless your engine fails).



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