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Dynon D100 Efis and Ems D10 Problem


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Righto all you J230 owners with an Efis, Ems and Avmap and SL30 linked.


I thought it was time to upgrade the Dynons with newer software which all went very well. But on a flight to Hamilton yesterday on trying to split the screens the Efis wont pull over the Ems screen. It says No Ems connected and I am also unsure if the other instruments are synced or not.


Help please. I thought no probs it is just a setting- but cannot find anything that helps on the instruments, dynon site or the manual.


Any Ideas ?? 091_help.gif.c9d9d46309e7eda87084010b3a256229.gif





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Re my phone message this morning, th Dynon site says that you need to connect the PC to your EFIS and do the upgrade as per their instructions, then connect to your D10 and do the upgrade on that.


Is that the way you did it, or did you try it all via the D100?


If you did, I suggest that you copy your post over to the Dynon Forum and see what the factory has to say.


Regards Geoff



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Alls good now. I got onto Dynon support and all I needed to do was do a DSAB config. Sounds confusing but was a simple step in the set up menu.


Thread closed I imagine.


Thanks Captain for your help.





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