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another newie

Brian F

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Hi Brian,


Welcome aboard! I am new too and giving the site a caning during the hols. There's a bloke up here building a sonex, my step son & husband are into a half built Soneroi and a good mate of mine bought one just after he got his licence and asked me to co-pilot in an air race (only because I was tiny and travelled light). Slippery little beasts! I never got up the pointy end and I'm not sure I want to! But they do go like the clappers. We took a lot of photos of the one at Natfly outside the Bolly tent. One day ours might look that good.


I have some distant rellies in Georgetown - the ancestors arrived in Tassie 1805 as farmers and infested Aus & NZ from there. I am the only one in my family who hasn't been o/seas to the Apple Is.


There's heaps of stuff on this site - only wish I had more flying friends to recommend it to.





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