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Practical experience with wheel alignment & tow-out


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Geoff in Mildura PM'd me on this and I phoned him this morning.


All is clear ................................................. I think/hope.


So thanks again for your help Geoff



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Well make sure you share his pearls of wisdom - I am right into rubber at the moment. 025_blush.gif.9304aaf8465a2b6ab5171f41c5565775.gif


Our tyres are scrubbing excessively on the outside however I think that has more to do with the aircrafts rated MTOW and the torsion that is set into the struts to handle that. Most work is done well under weight hence the wear however I will stand corrected if someone wants to set me straight.





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Are the wheels vertical or pointing in at the bottom? and have you checked the tow in? Has it a wedge between the wheel stub and under cart?

Hi Geoff,


The Jabiru is interstate atm (SA) so I cant check but in relation to your second post the first picture is definitely how our looks.


I wonder why it would be sent out of the factory like this?? Once it gets back I will check it all out and maybe have a talk to you about making it right:crying:


Thanks to both Geoffs for their help ;)



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I mentioned yesterday that Aircraft Spruce sell an adjustable shim/wedge system that might suit this application.


This is it:


Landing Gear - Axles and Axle Nuts DIAL-A-DEGREE SHIM



Regardless of what your hangar-flying buddies say, difficulties with an airplane's ground handling can often be traced to a misaligned landing gear. If you're a builder who is using a 600x6/500x5/GAC/Azusa bolt-on axle, the Dial-a-Degree is the solution to most of your minor alignment issues (0 to 3 degree adjustment). This simple solution uses a pair of specially tapered discs that are mated and rotated in any combination needed to orient each axle to its correct alignment. Each 3-inch diameter disc is machined and laser-cut from aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum. A pair of discs is used on each side. To properly align the axle, Dial-a-Degree shims are clamped in place between the landing gear and the axle, and the alignment checked. Loosening the clamps and rotating the tapered discs moves the axle to its proper toe-in/toe-out and correct camber angle. Drill/trim install, instructions/templates included. Will not interfere with brakes. Purchased as set of four discs. FAA-PMA approved(BDS-101).


DescriptionPart No.PriceBuyDial-a-Degree Shim06-00415$118.50 ($152.99AUD)




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Roger/Geoff The wedge we made is only one part but I can't see why the 2 piece one wouldn't work, Cliff Banks (you said you know him Roger) was the one who put as onto this. so maybe you could get more information from him. One thing we did have to bend 2 bolts slightly to fit. The J160 has 380+ up now mostly on bitumen for one set of tyres.



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Do the wedges allow to make the wheel more vertical


Our tyres wear excessively on the inside and even with a fair amount of weight on the aircraft it is difficult to see them take a vertical position


the tyres get about 250 hours before they are worn to a stage where they look to need changing


The last set looked quite bald on examination after replacement but the rubber thichness was still there but they looked ready to pick up any burrs that came along


It was set up at the factory but it still does not look quite right



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  • 8 months later...

Yay! - I've finaly done it. 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif


Adjusted the main gear so the wheels look straight. ;)


Now lets see, picked her up Feb 2006 - its now Sep 2007, :big_grin:


Yep only took me 19 months to get 'round to it. :;)4:







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