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Tumut Aero Club Breakfast, then Wagga Aero Club BBQ Lunch


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Just a small trip to report, but a great way to spend a morning.


Departed Wagga this morning at 07.30 am for Tumut in my 230 in company with WAC members in an RV6A, a Cirrus and another GA aircraft.


Alas, Ahlocks was still recovering from his Xmas/New Year excesses and did not front.


After all of the recent rain and storms it was a fantastic morning to fly, with not-a-bump at 2,500 and very clear all the way into the lovely valleys around Tumut for a landing on 35 after a 30 minute flight.


The TAC monthly breakfast starts at 8.00 am and finishes at 09.30 and the TAC members made us feel very welcome.


We all departed about 10.30 back to Wagga and came back above the inversion at 4000.


Alas, the RV6 and the Cirrus smoked me again.


Some of the TAC members then came over to WAC for their BBQ lunch.


If you are looking for an event in this area on the 1st Sunday of each month, I recommend the TAC Breakfast and the WAC Lunch BBQ to you.



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