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Hi there, I have been thinking about it for some time now. I was just about to start but a bargain came along and I went with that. but might build one some time in the future...


Where are you with the build now ?



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Hi Downunder Trucker


Looked at the website for the Krsuper 2 great work.


Interest from me and the finacial controller is good.


got the vacuum pump out and set it up will probably start with the infusion resin system for the flat panels and find someone to cnc cut the panels out.


Considering buying the original plans and manuals just for refernce


let us know your progress.





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Ive built the boat sides and bottom, and the jigs(mdf) to put it all together and some tail parts... thinking about making a mold off the boat...i.e complete the boat upside down on the jig then use it as a mold...still thinking it through...



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