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Hi, This might seem like a pretty rudimentary question, but i can't seem to work it out. I have a dual monitor setup on my computer and i can not work out how to get both displays to show the outside and inside view in Virtual cockpit with the correct perspective. Every time i fly i have to reset my view window setup and i will always have a bend in the panel appearing on the screen. Am i doing something wrong, or have i missed the point all together? Cheers, Tyson



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Sir. As a keen Flight Simulator enthusiast I also have three monitors in which I use whilst flying.


May I ask. What is your operating system? Can I get a model description of your Graphics card? I can solve this issue I just need these details to provide you with information in how to set up this feature.


Do you have Skype? I should be able to set up this up over a Screen share. My Skype is: max.lye


I'll be looking forward to hearing from you soon,






26 Sep 10



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