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  1. I use Dashware with my flights, but i don't have a gopro. I cludge all my sources of data together from my Contour ROAM camera, Garming VivoactiveHR and external weather data to get it all together in Dashware. I'm quite pleased with the flexibility of Dashware, but there are some shortcomings that seem to hard to get fixed. Happy to try and help if you have any specific questions, but i don't have any experience with GoPros or what data they have.
  2. Well, you can either be a lion or a zoo keeper, it's really your choice.
  3. I had assumed that the Lion remark in post 4 was more cryptic and referred to the "lions" in this forum (Zoo), and their ability to make judgements without facts.
  4. Thanks for all the good advice! Really wish i could afford to buy a plane, not for another 20 years i'm guessing.... I think half my issue is prioritising flying for a weekend, and justifying that to the boss :P Looks like i should dust off my Flight sim gear too. That will definitely help with keeping an eye in. For those asking i've been flying mainly out of Murray Bridge (YMBD).
  5. Hi all, I'm in a situation where I'm unable to frequently get behind the controls of an aircraft. I currently struggle to do 10 hours a year which is about 20 hours less than I'd like to do.... I have very little scope to increase my annual hours in the next few years and no scope to own my own aircraft / syndicate. However I spent considerable time, effort and enjoyment learning to fly and do not want to lose the skills I have learnt. So what advice would you give to someone who can only fly every couple of months without my own aircraft? Continue training flights with not much directi
  6. I went for a nice scenic flight in VH-TLV at the start of the year in Strahan. Glad it's a hoax, but what unstable person does that?
  7. Not really, about an extra 20min drive from home compared to Strath.
  8. Well I'm a land surveyor, so i'm great at measuring and being pedantic about the little things.... Have no experience with kit building, but pretty keen to learn/experience I'm listening.... PM me if you want. Great suggestions from most, i'll be having a chat with my instructor this weekend and see what people around Strathalbyn there are to talk to too. Yeah, looking into that too....
  9. It's been over a year since my BFR and coincidentally my last flight. Finally get the chance to go out and commit some aviation this weekend with an instructor to warm the passenger seat. Getting pretty excited, it has made me really miss the community at my old flight school, and want to get involved in my local airfield more (Strathalbyn YSYN). No longer a C.U.B (now having a Wife, Baby and Mortgage), i'm finding flying to be a little cost prohibitive to fly on a regular basis. I've made a deal with my wife to give up the FUICs (ask a South Aussies) to fund a bit of flying more regularly
  10. That's right up in the Bremer Valley. I remember being set free to go find this during my training out of YMBD. That was so very exciting for me at the time (still is). I always take pax past here to show them where Jesus lives!
  11. Hi Magnetodrop, I'm a Land Surveyor by profession and just about licensed as a cadastral surveyor now and have had some experience in aerial surveying (LADSMkII and RANLADSII). If you have any questions or need some advice feel free to PM me. I graduated from a Geoinformatics and Surveying Degree at UniSA in 2001, and still loving working with all things maps and spatial data. Cheers, Orienteer.
  12. Oh, good point, head over to http://www.geocaching.com to find out exactly. Geocaching is celebrating it's 10th year this year, and i have found it quite rewarding especially when on long dull drives. Essentially a cache including a log book and quite often some swappable items are hidden, the coordinates logged by GPS, posted to the internet for others to find. I am hoping it could open up some exciting fly in places just to log a geocache! see also this thread http://www.recreationalflying.com/showthread.php/3023-New-Aviation-activity...
  13. Are there any pilots out there who also like to tune their GPS to geocaches? How many Recreational Aviation friendly geocaches are there?
  14. Fascinating photographs, i remember looking through my Grandfathers war album from WW2, he was a transport (truck) driver in Egypt and the middle east, his photos were amazing, they reminded me of him. It was amazing to see such a diverse range of aircraft in this album. I was amused by the OHS standards of the engine change on the Dakota (photos 16-18). Thanks for the link!
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