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  1. Sam, I can help here------ Here's the start procedure: Lower flaps fuel pump on full throttle hold prime switch on for 8-10 seconds. When you release the prime switch, fuel pressure will increase slightly. Throttle Idle, then crack open a bit Start Verify oil pressure in green Immediately set RPM higher, around 2000-2200 for 1-2 minutes, then close throttle and it will idle smoothly. If the engine starts shaking and won't immediately build rpm right away, close the throttle and it'll shut off. This happens when the start sequence isn't quite right and it's pretty muc
  2. Sure, I'd love to.....been meaning to reflect on the install. I started by gathering pics and details of existing 912 installs. There's not much out there, but as far as engine installation, the Lockwood 912 Super Drifter has similar, if not exactly the same dimensions as my Austflight Drifter. The wings, flaps, main tube, etc may be different, but that is somewhat irrelevant. My biggest concern was CG changes. The Lockwood bird fixes this by lengthening the fuse tube forward of the CG. Not an option for me of course. Instead, I chose to focus on doing the lightest install possible, and
  3. Probably great advice Tex....I'm thinking 3 days each way....averaging 340 miles per day.
  4. They're not really all pics OF the drifter, but lots of pics FROM the drifter here in my latest blog entry on my flight to Monument Valley.... http://www.shutterflightphotography.com/drifting-to-monument-valley/
  5. Well, since I've got a fuel level indicator on the EMS, I think I'm gonna go with a transfer pump. It doesn't weigh much more, just a few ounces. It's just that if I'm gonna be aloft for long periods, I'd like to know for sure how much fuel is in the tank that I'm using....If the pump fails, I'll have plenty of time to find a spot. Anyway, I've been flying the drifter as much as possible, and doing longer and longer flights....Flew it to Monument Valley not long ago. Only 216 miles or so, round trip. I think on the long trip to Oshkosh I could easily do 400 - 450 miles a day, assuming good
  6. http://eaaforums.org/showthread.php?3809-Planning-the-Epic-cross-country A link to another forum post on the subject if anyone is interested.
  7. Hi again guys, My 582 to 912 conversion has gone so well that I'm contemplating flying my drifter from my home in New Mexico to Oshkosh Airventure. It's over 1000 NM each way. Happens in late July. As long as I get another 20 or so test hours between now and then, I'm at least gonna try it. I've already got 20 hours on the bird since the 912 conversion was completed. So, in preparation, I'm planning to fit my aux belly tank. Since I'm also installing a fuel level sender in the main 8 gal tank, I'm planning on mounting a small solid state 12v pump to the belly tank, and only plumbing it t
  8. After a few hiccups - mainly a mismatched prop blade falsely diagnosed as a carb imbalance - I got her finished, tuned up, and FLYING !!!!! A few little details still to be worked out but so far so good.
  9. Haven't had it running yet Tex, as I'm waiting on an oil pressure sender and prop hardware. Hope it runs......
  10. Almost done! A link to my blog: http://www.shutterflightphotography.com/912-conversion/
  11. Closer view of the radiator mount. I'm hoping mounting it up high like this won't cause any issues.
  12. Progress is slow, but it's progress none the less. Got the radiator, oil cooler, and oil tank mounted. Any thoughts or advice ?
  13. It's an 05 Elise. I use it mostly for road racing and autocross with the occasional cruise around town. Not a real practical car, but sure it fun. Like a go cart with a license plate.
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