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Point Cook Aviation Pageant 28 Feb

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The Aviation Museum at RAAF Williams (Point Cook) is holding an aviation pageant day at the airfield on 28 February 2010.


They are particularly encouraging of any antique, vintage, classic or warbird aircraft whose owners might wish to fly in on the day.


CTA will be in operation and ppr applies without exception.


Should be a great day.


Contact: See ERSA for details and make sure you read the AIP SUP when it comes out





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If you missed out you missed heaps...


The Aviation Pageant at Point Cook was a roaring success -- literally!


Despite an iffy start to the day's weather, the flying and static displays were fantastic.


Noted amongst the main contenders for the WWII division were the 3 Mustangs, the Spitfire, the Kittyhawk and the Boomerang. All looked and sounded incredible. A very pretty looking Hudson also did its thing.


The superfast division was represented by a Vampire and a Sabre and I had to hang onto my Auster's wing strut as the Vampire taxied down the nearby taxiway making an unholy racket and emitting heaps of hot gas!


The heavyweights on the day were the Dak/Gooney Bird and the C130 Herc -- heaps of nostalgia and even more so when the quartet of Bird Dogs danced their slow ballet.


The last performance was the Roulettes who did it all faultlessly as always.


An estimated 25,000 spectators had their collective minds blown away. I hope you were one of them.





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