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To C or not to C


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I notice on Jabiru's web site that they are now selling a Jabiru 160D as an LSA aircraft. 040_nerd.gif.a6a4f823734c8b20ed33654968aaa347.gif


So why? question.gif.c2f6860684cbd9834a97934921df4bcb.gif


After spending so much on the 160c's certification, why the LSA variant? question.gif.c2f6860684cbd9834a97934921df4bcb.gif


Or am I missing something? :confused:


(Same take off weight (540kg) and same specifications that I can see). i_dunno







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It has allowed Jabiru to make some improvements to the J160 (i.e. soft-linkage steering), and offer options like the Sensenich prop and external charger connection. These improvements could not have been offered without re-certification. All factory J160C models have identical specs (airframe/controls/engine/prop) per the original certification, and you cannot change prop types or make modifications to these models (well, not easily at least).


That's my understanding ... but I'm sure there are further technical or certification reasons for this too.



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