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New member Savannah aircraft

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G'day mate, and welcome along...


Savvy's are a great little machine... I had the privilege of having a quick fly of one a while back, was impressed!



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Guest Walter Buschor

There rare those who fly SAVVY'S and those ho will fly savy's. Peter flew with me to Evan's and loved it. The Savy Is great value for money and cannot be beaten in that respect. i'm open to challenges however. Tomo , If you want to go for a "spin " in a Savy I'll take you up any day free of charge. There are lot's of great designs out there but if " value for money " comes into it the Savy has it all. I do admit that he Technam is faster and the Texan is ..... whatever but again if you have to pay for it the savy is one of the best. I don't make an money out of this. I just know....


I do love Querty's quote though and got a lpugh out of it. How profound!


"Better to be quiet and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. "


No I must go to EUROPE for two weeks. can't wait to go up in the little Savy though!


Take Care





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