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Swinging Wings


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Hi all


I have had to shift my Gazelle due to our airstrip being sold.


The new hanger is very small and I have to swing the wings every time I want to fly.


I know the Gazelle is designed for this but is there any traps I should look out for I dont want to do any damage if it is avoidable. I would appreciate any advice







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John, apart from Dexter’s advice, there is a procedure in the flight manual and the maintenance manual. If you have neither of those, one of the members here was providing CD copies for others last year (I am one of the recipients, but I’ll embarrass myself now & say I can’t recall his username, but just use the forum search function for it).


It’s such a simple operation and if done with a thoughtful approach can be achieved single-handed with no risk.


This is from memory, so get confirmation, I haven’t done it for a while:


Ensure no more than ten litres of fuel in each fuel tank.


Remove turtle deck. (don’t lose any fasteners).


Release Velcro of cabin trim from fuselage structure above/behind seats.


Ensure doors closed (not latched open).


Release one wing from leading edge attach point, work your way to the wingtip and when you have a secure grip, slowly and gently walk the tip to the tail. At this point the nose landing gear has just enough weight on it to keep the aircraft in its normal attitude. DO NOT apply any weight to the tail until the wing is securely stowed to the tail using the struts that should have come with the aircraft. If you don’t have any I’m sure Ian has a spare set.


Now using that wing tip, slowly lower the tail to rest on the tailskid (or some form of secure stand if you don’t want to lower it that far).


Use extreme care for the final step (re-read Dexter’s warning). Release second wing from leading edge attachment, grip the wing firmly until at the wingtip, then gently move tip to tail, and secure. Needless to say this wing can be rather heavy on your way to the stowed position!


Don’t lose those damn little safety pins off the clevis bolts either.


Good Luck, Decca.



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Hi John,


Sue here John's wife we are the ones who have the flight & maintenance manual on CD, If you would like a copy of the manuals all as we need is your name & address you can email it to us on jfwigatnetspace,net.au & I will send it to you. The other thing is we have our skyfox hangered at home in the back yard & have placed a saw horse under the tailskid ( wings always folded back) with a piece of 3x2 timber sitting on the sawhorse it brings it up level so that the nose wheel sits on the ground. It has been hangered like this for almost 2 years now without any mishaps to the plane at all.







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Guest Maj Millard

Rosedale, Check the classifieds on this site (listed over to the left) or check the listings monthly in the rear of the RAAus magazine, there are some around for sale. The administrator of this site (Ian) has a nice one for sale at presant.



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Hi Mark,


Before we bought the Skyfox it was owned by a tall fellow & the chap who does PPL testing here in Melbourne (CFI) i think is over 6' & he fits in the plane comfortably also one of the memebers on here he is pretty tall & has a skyfox taildragger he like us find the plane great to fly. If you don't mind a plane that isn't really fast. It hates headwinds allow extra time if it is a headwind day. PM us your home address & name & I will send you off the CD which incorperates the flight manual & maintenance manual on it. Aoso if you go to Rotax site you can download the latest engine manual. Cheers Sue & John



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Cheers."Find" as in performance & attitude!!! etc.


Does anyone know if a 6ft 2" person could comfortably fit into a Jab 160 or a Skyfox Gazelle.



Iam 6'2" in the old money and flew skyfoxes all over australia with no problem at all:smoking:



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Hi Mark


I love the Gazelle easy to fly and responsive I am 6'2" and find the Gazelle fine for 1 to 1 1/2 hr flights after that it gets a bit cramped. However I bought the Gazelle for local sorties if I need to go any distance I take a Jet. :)





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