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Nearest strip to Lorne (Vic)


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Guest rocketdriver
Anybody tell me what the nearest strip to Lorne is please?Cheers



There's one at Apollo Bay that I have flown into once or twice. The strip runs at right angles to the coast, pointing at the hills in one direction and the sea in the other, so beware the rotor off the hills if the upper wind is offshore...its HUGE.


I didn't know about it. It was a very hot turbulent day, I was in my syndicate owned Cherokee 140, my wife was very anxious for a break and we had our 3 month old daughter Sarah on board too .. luckily in a cradle and strapped in ..... I noticed that the boats in the harbour all indicated an onshore wind and flew my circuit at normal height ... just below the ridge level!! ... STUPID. 037_yikes.gif.f44636559f7f2c4c52637b7ff2322907.gif I thought the wings might fall off, my wife was crying and I kept hitting my head on the roof. The airspeed indicator was flicking from something below? stall to close to Vne with no change in attitude ...... Then miraculously at about 400 ft everything smoothed out and we made a normal touchdown .....


Also there is a ravine that you cross at the threshold when landing towards the sea, an interesting visual just before touchdown .....


At the time there was no one to ring to tell you about all this, you just flew in and put your landing fee in the honesty box before you walked down to the harbour to buy your fresh seafood!! If there is a number to call, I recomend a conversation with a local, but the strip is actually fairly straight forward if a little different.



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