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Greetings from SA...

Guest Wart

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Nope, not South Australia but South Africa.


We have a similar forum running in South Africa (www.microlighters.co.za) and welcome anyone to join us there too.


I fly Aquilla flex-wing microlights from Cato Airfield (40km inland from Durban, east coast) and have been flying for 2 years. I visit Australia from time to time during the year and welcome the opportunity to socialise with like minded folk whilst I am there; just send me a PM with your details and I wll be in contact. I am usually in Sydney and Tasmania during my visits with limited time in other centers.



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Hi Wart,


I am an ex JHB boy based on the Central Coast NSW about 1.5 hours North of Sydney. I instruct on Trikes from Somersby Airfield which is very much an advanced field. When in Sydney give me a call and we can see if we can put a flight together :-)



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Thanks Mc Guyver; I will let you know when I am in the area again. I was in Tas at the beginning of December and tried to get some flying in down there, however I couldn't find anywhere to H&F or even that had trikes!



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Guest Crezzi

Hi Wart


Your airfield brings back some great memories - I visited Cato Ridge during a trike expedition I did in 2003. Lovely location !


A lot of the triking in Aus happens at or near airfields where there is an weightshift instructor. Check the RAA & HGFA websites for a convenient school next you are in AUS - it theres one nearby it would be good a place start.


If you find yourself up near Brisbane sometime there is a bunch of us with trikes at Caboolture (30 mins N of the city)







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G'day ! , wart . hey you had any experience with the brand, of Coms called AIR MAGIC. I know you blokes like to fly without helmets, and there for the coms need to perform very well, whats your experience. between us ofcourse !, ha ha. were can i get a look and find out more ? On the net thanks wart , and welcome to the site Mate,!!. Lance....



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