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  1. Then the fees drive pilots and Aviation activities away , next step then is they use the dwindling usage figures to there advantage , to sell their agenda to the rate payers that it would not be such a loss if it was sold to Developers , turning it into a so called gain for the Council .. just you watch
  2. Welcome to the site nsialan9. Hope to hear of your exploits
  3. This photo of AirVenture is a little deceptive in the negative I would say from someone that did attend all three days . If this pic was taken on the Saturday , then it must of been in the morning , because by midday before the actual Airshow (display ) by an hour or so before hand the public started to arrive and pour through the gates for the afternoon attraction.. The fence line running down the length of the runway was very crowded. And it doesn't show the camping ground for the fly in pilots , or any of the car parking paddocks either .. take it from me , Saturday afternoon was a complete
  4. Yes that sounds like a more sensible arangement for inspections , its the way I remember doing years ago when I was still a HGFA member , it worked just fine for 10 yrs with no problems.. especially if your in an isolated area .. Lance
  5. I'm sorry Nev , little confused with your reply, which letter from my HGFA rep are you referring to mate . Lance
  6. I received some good advice from members here on this thread about this debate, thank you.. But now I have another spanner to throw into the works on this subject whilst attending AirVenture last week, I was informed that RAA don't require a bi annual aircraft ( Microlight ) Rego inspection , unlike the HGFA.. So this , if is the case, will also effect the bottom line of who is the more economical choice, eg the fee charged for an inspection every second year must be taken into account,even if HGFA rego cost is more attractive than the dearer RAA Rego, factor in this cost (?) what
  7. Unfortunately There's always someone willing to apply Red Tape to things these days .. that's all the information I gleemed from the Members Forums / Meet the Team on Thursday sorry.. I certainly enjoyed the Fly Inn regardless, and completed my BFR on Friday while there
  8. I remember your Question about the relationship between Saaa and Raa cos I was one of the Six attendees on the Thursday morn meet the team Forum. But numbers did improve over the next two days.. I also had the same thoughts about the non table seating available, I was prepared though with my own chairs n umbrella on the Saturday for the Airshow though.. One good thing for the Kids was the rides and entertainment area, they had a ball with the one $15 charge for Unlimited rides all day.. Myself personally was disappointed that there was no Venders with parts , hardware , Tools, nick naks etc ..
  9. Yes I agree that the introduction of a parking fee was a surprise to me on arrival Thursday , but only had to pay on Friday and Saturday . It was a last minute demand by the council, claiming that the land was now being used for another purpose beyond its rural listing, it then needed a Development Application in place for its new use. Thus a Cost of $18,000 was demanded.. hence the parking fee was introduced. Lions Club and Mens shed members donated their help running it ..
  10. No you weren't wrong Scott, and it wasn't a closed in trailer design. But I did like the design abc finished product , it must of been a breeze to tow and use ..
  11. Good onya thanks mate, just a ball park figure will do if you like ? Do you still have it ??
  12. Oh my goodness Cali, you'd think as a hanger owner and rate payer twice over , that would provide you with some rights of access to the Airport, no matter the aircraft you choose. Especially in non controlled airspace , RPT , Emergency aircraft , charter , commercial , or private n recreational Aviators are all created equal ..
  13. I know this was sometime ago now Scott , and your probably onto your next trailer by now , but what was the cost of the Red Rocket mate ? Materials and labour seperate if you like , Scott . Thanks mate
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