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  1. Go to the live ATC website and choose your favourite class D airport and have a listen.
  2. My preference is a stick. I started with a stick in RAA and moved on to GA with a yolk. My biggest hurdle was getting used to landing an aircraft with a yolk. Flaring / hold-off with a stick is easier and XW inputs are more intuative. A yolk makes getting in and out easier and you can put charts in your lap.
  3. Ido Segev used to be one of my RC flying idols. Have never seen such a fast, low altitude rolling circle in a 1/3rd scale RC plane. Sad day for Australian aviation.
  4. They have a 206 in the fleet too. 2 planes down in a few weeks. Beach operations are really tough on the aircraft. Glad to hear the pilots are OK.
  5. Why does this happen in this day and age. It makes me so angry!! And to think Iran wants Nukes... Have they not heard of Flight Aware or Flight Radar apps?
  6. There is a “hanger for sale” at YHBA. Looks like it can fit 3 planes if you can mix low and high-wings. Was told it is $200k for a 20yr lease. Sounds like a bad investment.
  7. I have been on this site for 3 years and with the software change I stopped visiting. Guess I just did not like the new layout, but honestly can’t say what I don’t like about it. I first stumbled across recreational flying when looking for pilot resources and enjoyed the educational/ tutorials that were hosted on site. The fact that it is mainly Australian content is awesome and I love the weekly emails. If I see a topic I like, I will check it out. I am also a member of VansAirforce and spend a lot more time on that site and make the yearly donation. The more technical forms a
  8. Hi from Hervey Bay and Maryborough. The Maryborough Aeroclub is now open most Saturday mornings and only a short 30min flight from Gympie for most RAA aircraft.
  9. These kind of accidents makes me angry. Marginal VFR and high terrain.... ADSB track disappears 1nm west of Mount Moombil
  10. My RPC took 23 hrs. Only did 5hrs PIC during training, so after getting minimum of 10hrs PIC I did my passenger endorsement. 10hrs for XC endorsement (2 nav’s with instructor, solo nav and exam nav). Cost $10000 over a year. After 110hrs logged in RAA I did RPL conversion. RPL conversion took 7hrs of ground school and 5hrs of flying with BFR included. Cost $3600 (medical and ASIC included) Controlled airspace took 11hrs of ground school and 8hrs of flying. Cost $4100. GA is way more expensive than RA and I recommend the RA route to anyone wanting to fly. GA from start is only
  11. The planes get a good hose down at the end of the day. I have seen the Air Fraser GA8’s up close and it must be a full time job keeping them serviceable, given the harsh environment they operate in. Wonder if it was the same aircraft that lost a wheel a few years back? https://www.atsb.gov.au/media/1287920/ae2009045.pdf
  12. Home made “engine saver” could be a good solution for high humidity areas. Fish tank air pump plumped into a chemical dehydrator to pump dry air into the crankcase via the oil filler cap. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/engsaver.php
  13. I have the Uavionix Ping and it works as advertised.
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