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  1. I was referring to the fact it could have a 912UL 80hp. But I didnt like2 strokes. Not that the 912UL was a 2 banger. 不不不
  2. OH Dear. I was speaking rather with tongue in cheek there fellas. No it wouldnt look right with a wheel up front.
  3. Mmmm that looks interesting. I do like the fact you can have a 80hp Rotax in it. Im no agaist them. But Im not a huge fan of 2 strokes. However having said that. I in no way am denigrating them. Thanks for the tips guys. Now for the kicker question Can you get one with a nose wheel. 不不不不不不
  4. Mmmm ok. I may have to ask as well. Apart from obviously being endorsed to fly such aircraft. Is it possible to do it on a RPC. Or is it an RPL limit?
  5. Just a simple question really. If in the negative. We can leave it at that. If in the positive. Tell me whats out there. Have tried many times to google it. But the minute you enter biplane. You get every thing but, what Im looking for. Cheers
  6. Gday mate. Good info to know. Yeah theystill glide from there as far as I know.
  7. Kybong SEQld Technically YGYM
  8. Sad news. https://www.northqueenslandregister.com.au/story/6801940/fatal-gyrocopter-crash-at-yaraka/
  9. Gday Sammy. Good thing about LSA flying is you can get away with as little as an RPC and cross country endorsement. If you like. I started this year. Apart from 7 weeks off because of Covid. Its been a hoot. You'll never look back.( except when checking controls on pre)?. ??
  10. Gday mate. Did you see me waving as you flew over me. LOL
  11. Hey mate welcome. Yeah you could say Im in the same boat for timing. Been interested for some years. Finally decided around Xmas 2019. To do it. Had to wait til fires calmed down in January. Had to wait til rain eased up in Febuary. Finally got started in mid March. Only to stop again early Arpil for Pain in the butt-virus. Hoping May is looking rosier.?
  12. Thats a fair enough opinion. And for what its worth. probably good practice for all aircraft. Cheers
  13. So in your opinion. Would you say a vast majority of major engine trouble ( not withstanding previous generation faults) stems from incorrect Jabiru maintenance? And if so what are the leading incorrect procedures.? Or that and a combination of other factors?
  14. Ok before anyone takes this as an attack on Jabiru engines. Its not. Im a student pilot. So relitively new to aviation. Since taking an interest in flying, one obviously as a new pilot dreams of owning ones own plane. The Jabiru seems to pop up in sales quite a bit. As the price tag can be reasonably achieved as a first aircraft. But as a new to aviation person. One usually joins forums and such to gain info and knowledge. But have found in some quarters, the mear mention of the word Jabiru, initiates derision and jokes about dropping out of the sky. Now having been a motorcyclist for nearly
  15. Must be still making them. As I met this gentleman Im sure at a Gympie fly in breakfast in Febuary
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