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  1. RAAus is a company limited by guarantee. It can be sued, but members are not liable.
  2. The boss of Hyundai is spruiking flying cars within 10 years. Even if the technology is at the point where it's possible, I'd be surprised if the infrastructure and regulation will be anywhere near ready. Discuss!
  3. I certainly don’t know enough about the background of the BRM issue, but I don’t think it is helpful to drive a wedge between different elements of the private aviation sector. I reckon AOPA should have a more diplomatic approach.
  4. The last couple of paragraphs are confrontational and unnecessary in my view. CASA did what it did and cannot be sued…it’s drawing a long bow to say RAAus can be sued for the limitations imposed by CASA.
  5. I visited my mate (who had taught me to fly) when (I think) he was the only flying instructor in PNG in December 1983. The only flight I did without my mate was from Mount Hagen (above 5,000 feet above sea level) to Madang. To do this below 10,000 feet, one had to fly through a pass. I remember the ADF pointing in the wrong direction at a thunderstorm on my way to Malang. The VOR was unaffected. The forecast was the same every day, and pretty useless and CAVOK turned into a layer of cloud while we were on the ground in Madang. I found a way through it and had to climb t
  6. I presume Airservices will put the proposal to CASA after the feedback phase. CASA is the authority that will need to make the changes. Hopefully RAAus, AOPA etc will already be lobbying them.
  7. The Age regularly republishes old articles. Today’s is an interesting read about the crash of an RAAF Lockheed Hudson killing a number of VIPs.
  8. I’m pretty sure a 19-reg aircraft can’t be flown in D airspace regardless of the qualifications of the pilot. See 7.3 here.
  9. I took very few photos from the air, but it was a very pretty route. Narromine is a huge ex-WW2 training base, which Qantas used after the war. It's close to a pretty sleepy country town. The little museum there is worth a visit. Benalla also has a small aviation museum. The below Moth Minor was about to go for a fly, but didn't want to start.
  10. Low wing Brumby. Hence the Cowra stops...I took it back to meet its maker! I was lucky getting over the mountains into Port Macquarie without delay and on a weekend when the military restricted areas were inactive, but had a few extra days there waiting for suitable weather to get back. The first attempt saw me waiting on the ground at Port Macquarie for the forecast weather to arrive...it didn't, so another night. The next day looked like a repeat, so I thought I'd go for a local flight anyway, and the cloud cleared to the north, so I was able to safely clear the mountains, again with inac
  11. ICAO in the heading...spelt out in the text. so it's educational!
  12. With the relaxation of stay at home rules, I decided to take the Brumby to some warmer weather in Port Macquarie. The trip was Moorabbin to Cowra, then Port Macquarie where three nights turned into seven due to weather, then Narromine (including a visit to the aviation museum), back to Cowra, then Benalla (another aviation museum) and home via the Kilmore gap 13 days after the start. Wright Flyer replica at Narromine
  13. Clause 9 of the CAO provides that exemptions may be provided by CASA in writing. ATC is unlikely to know your licence or aircraft status and it’s not their job to ensure pilots are complying, it’s the pilot’s.
  14. Out of hours class D airports become class G, however, according to my reading of the CAO (see 7.1(i) and 1.2(e)), you can’t fly your homebuilt RAAus aircraft over a closely settled area.
  15. Clause 7.3 of CAO 95.55 has a shopping list of things you need to fly an RAAus-registered aircraft into a class D airport. An owner-built aircraft is not one, but a factory-built can be. It also says you need a CASA licence.
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